Vertical: 1600m (700m with Skyride)


Location: Near Grouse Mountain


This trail is very rough in some areas and covers a lot of vertical distance

I did this trail on August 21st 2007. We did not reach the summit because there was low cloud but we passed the Crown Pass. We started at 7:20am from the bottom of the Skyride, via the Grouse Grind to save $25 bucks. We took it slow to save energy for the main hike and by 8:35am we were at the top of the Skyride. We rested and filled our two 1 litre water bottles and then set off towards Crown Mountain in the direction of Crown Mountain. At first, you take the road around the side of Grouse Mountain. Then you check out at a post and then head off, following GVRD signs towards Crown. Once you get to Little Goat Mountain the trail veers down a vertical 200m into Crown Pass. This part of the trail is very steep and not recommended if it is wet or before August. In one part you have to lower yourself down a steep rock face on a chain. Then you get to Crown Pass, you will feel like a 5 min break. Then you head up the other side of the valley on another very steep trail. We made it to the first cliff section but would have gone farther if the weather had been better. Some markings are hard to see in this first traverse across a rock face. Don't go up here! There is some lichen that looks just like a dot, look for a red and white circle markings to guide you. They are faint sometimes.

Save this hike for good weather, and carry lots of water! Give yourself lots of time, this is not a hike for dogs or children.

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