Revelstoke Lift Pictures Added, Lift Facts Updated - 2009.03.23

I have added lift pictures of all the current ski lifts at Revelstoke, plus I have updated the Lift facts for the ski area which were rather outdated. Enjoy!

Link are slow right now - 2008.12.17

Thanks to the accident on the Excalibur Gondola, and are under extreme load right now (we have number one result in a google search for "Excalibur Gondola"). Just be patient, the pages might load a bit slow. It should be back to normal within a few days.

Website Updates - 2008.11.11

I have been making numerous changes to in the past few weeks. Here is a list of changes Maps API (currently in Alpha) is now used to show ski maps on If you want to add a ski map to, just upload it at and it will show on both websites!

For nordic skiers: is the official website for Cypress Tuesday Night Races 2008-2009! More information will be coming soon.

Live Ski Reports for Cypress, Callaghan Country, Whistler Olympic Park, Silver Star and Sovereign Lake can now be found here

Winter is coming! - 2008.10.17

Stay tuned on for the snow updates as winter approaches! Hopefully we can find some snow for cross country skiing within the next few weeks.

New photos on - 2008.10.04

I have just added new lift construction photos of Greenway Quad and Peak Chair at Grouse. Also I have put some photos of the Ski Jump Lift at Callaghan Valley on. Ski season is so soon! Progresses - 2008.04.28

We are progressing well with the development of the site

Silver Star - Sovereign Lake Nordic Map added - 2008.03.17

I have added the 2007-08 Silver Star - Sovereign Nordic Ski Map to the website.


5 more Blackcomb photos - 2008.02.22

Coastalnavigator has added another 5 photos to Skiingbc. Great job!


5 new Blackcomb photos - 2008.02.16

Thanks to coastalnavigator for adding 5 more Blackcomb lift pictures to!


Nordic Skiing at the Callaghan Nordic Centre - 2007.12.30

Well, today was quite a day!

First a cross country ski race, then a preview of the ski jumping to happen in the Olympics by some Canadian junior ski jumpers training. It was my first time seeing people going off an Olympic class jump, and it was amazing, highly recommended that you head up to the 2007-8 Canadian National Championships and North American Junior Championships, which happens from January 1 through the 5th of the new year.

I shot video and photos today of both sports:


Video Clips


Ads - 2007.12.24

Yes, I have added some google ads to the bottom of the pages. They are ski area relevant which is nice! The intention of them is to help pay for the costs of upkeep on

If you login at ( with your forum login and password, the ads will not show for you!

All Photos back online - 2007.12.20

I have got all the photos back online again. If you notice anything missing or see bugs, please report them to me through the forum!

More Apparel - 2007.12.17

From golf shirts to mouse pads, buy some apparel and help me out in paying for this website to stay free and ad-less.

Link Geo Photos - 2007.12.17

See Geotagged Photos from in Google Earth!


Buy a special Shirt! - 2007.12.05

You can now order special apparel through Spreadshirt

I have already actually bought a shirt with a map of Cypress XC and a photo on it and I am really happy with it!

By buying a shirt, you will help support as a non profit website, recieve a great shirt for showing off your skiing passion and more!

Currently there is one shirt with a photo of skiing in Callaghan Valley on the front and on the back, a map of Cypress XC by that others will actually be able to read and use!

I will add more designs soon!

All shirt related issues are covered by Spreadshirt, the company that makes and sells the shirts to you!

Thanks for giving a hand!


Photos Nov 30 07 / Cypress XC Ski Report - 2007.11.30

I was up at Cypress today, it was impressively good, except for a lack of sufficient snow on some trails. They had quite an interesting groom network actually, while Burfield wasn't groomed and no trails above Sitzmark, Grand National was open (all the way to West Lake Hill Lookout) without the Jack Pratt from the bottom of Grand National. But then, Jack Pratt was groomed and West Lake Trail all the way to the lake! It was quite an odd layout.. By the way, Grand National is deadly going down because the bushes are still sticking through and if you hit one bush, you go over. Oddly, West Lake trail is near perfect.. Ooh, and Upper Powerline is suicidal for your skis, it is closed but groomed still, lots of big rocks faces right under the top layer of snow which I hit multiple times on the down. Despite that lackage of snow, the snow was fantastic, the warmest temperature being -2 today and -8 this morning! It was 1 foot of powder off trail (would be great for downhill I imagine if there was more snow.


Photos - Nov 25 07 - 2007.11.29

Now online with the new photo gallery system (still in beta)


Improved, "taggable" photo system coming to! - 2007.11.24

A new photo system is in development that will link photos directly to their content (you will see photos of a lift on the lift facts page instead on a separate page.

The new system will be geo-friendly (we will be able to generate a photo viewing system in Google Earth/mapping programs)!

Early Season Skiing in Callaghan Country - 2007.11.18

I went up yesterday and skiing was great! Photos added.


Fortress Maps Added! - 2007.11.12

I have added some aerial photos and maps of Fortress as well as a 2006 master plan.


Add Photos to - 2007.11.12

You can now upload zip files containing ski area photos for addition to! Note: You will need to be a member of the forum to log in.


Peak to Peak page completed! - 2007.11.12

I have finished the Peak to Peak information page.


More Cypress Construction Photos Added - 2007.11.12

Yes! I visited Cypress on November 10th to find some more big changes, check out the photos!


Modify Ski Areas on - 2007.11.04

You can now add or fix errors in data for Ski Areas on! You can do this by either going to a ski area page and clicking "Edit Page" at the bottom or going to the User Content area and clicking "Modify a Ski Area (add information or fix errors)".

Note: to do this, you will have to be a member of the Forums.


Mt Maichen Added! - 2007.11.03

Thanks again to jrmi for adding this Yukon ski area!

Nice work!


Mt Sima added! - 2007.11.03

Thanks to jrmi of the forums for adding this Yukon ski area to the website!! We hope to see more great additions from him soon.


Add Trail Maps to - 2007.11.02

You are now able to upload trail maps to to add to the website!

Note: You must be a member of the Forums


Canoe Mountain Master Plan Added! - 2007.11.02

I have added a 2003 plan for the still not built Canoe Mtn.


Phoenix Maps Added! - 2007.10.31

Happy Halloween!


Kimberley Maps Added! - 2007.10.30

I have added maps for Kimberley, enjoy!


Tabor Maps Added! - 2007.10.30

I have added 2 trail maps for Tabor Mountain!


Black Jack Nordic Club Maps Added! - 2007.10.30

I have added maps for Black Jack, Rossland. Enjoy!


Norquay Map Added! - 2007.10.29

I have added a map for Norquay. Thanks to Kmart for adding it!


Lake Louise Map Added! - 2007.10.29

I have added a map for Lake Louise for this winter! Thanks to Kmart for scanning these maps.


Sunshine Map Added! - 2007.10.29

I have added a map for Sunshine for this winter! Thanks to Kmart for scanning these maps.


Mt Baldy Trail Maps Added! - 2007.10.29

Mt Baldy Trail Maps Added!


Salmo Trail Maps Added! - 2007.10.29

Salmo Trail Maps Added!


More photos for the header bar! - 2007.10.28

We now have 40 photos for the header bar! Enjoy! Note: to see the new photos you will have to clear your web browser cache.

Whitewater Trail Maps Added! - 2007.10.28

I have added trail maps for Whitewater


Seymour Maps Added! - 2007.10.28

I have added trail maps for Mt Seymour


Kicking Horse Maps Added! - 2007.10.28

Maps for Kicking Horse are now online!


Revelstoke Mountain Resort Content Added! - 2007.10.27

Finally, the Official Trail Map for Revelstoke is online!

As well, there are Downhill Trail stats, Lift stats now online for this resort.


New Red Resort Map Added - 2007.10.27

The new Red Resort Map for 2007-08 is now online in High Quality JPEG!


New Seymour Map - 2007.10.27

Seymour's new 2007-08 Map is now online. It combines the previously separate downhill and snowshoe maps into one.


New Sun Peaks Trail Map - 2007.10.27

The new 2007-08 Sun Peaks Trail Map has arrived in super high resolution JPEG!


Whistler Cross Country Maps Added! - 2007.10.27

I have added trail maps of the Whistler XC Connection.


Forum members can now add to! - 2007.10.26

If you are a member on the Community Forums, you can now add Ski Areas to the website! Soon you will be able to add other sorts of content like Trail Maps, Photos, News and more! is Web 2.0 now!


More Cypress Construction Photos! - 2007.10.19

I have added a whole bunch of photos I took on October 8 2007.


Revelstoke Mtn Resort Photo Added! - 2007.10.14

I have added a photo of Mt Mackenzie taken two weeks ago. You can see the top station of the HSQ in it.


Tillicum Valley Photo Added! - 2007.10.14

I have added a photo I took of the ski hill a couple years ago.


Nels Nelsen Ski Jump Content Added! - 2007.10.14

I have added a whole bunch of photos and an article on the Nels Nelsen Ski Jump. Enjoy!


Content supplements for Hollyburn Chairlift added - 2007.10.12

I have added some previously missing content for the Hollyburn Chairlift: Hiking Maps GPS Waypoints


News in Google Earth - 2007.10.12

You can now see all News in Google Earth! Copy and Paste this link into the Google Earth > Open dialog Add this to your My Places and see where has been to recently! The RSS feed is also GeoRSS compliant now. Content from without a specific location will be located in Stanley Park.

Small improvements to News - 2007.10.11

I have made some improvements to the rather rushed RSS feed for news. The feed is now RSS 2.0 Compliant! The time stamps in the feed now work. GeoRSS will come soon... Searches! - 2007.10.07

Finally! Search has come to in a multitude of ways.

On the bottom of almost all the pages, you can make a search of Even better, you can search from your browser window at any time, just add to your search pane in IE7+ or Mozilla Firefox.

How to add to your Search Pane:

Important: to add to your Search Pane you must be on one of the pages.

In Internet Explorer:

Click the down arrow like the one below:

Now click the stared Search is installed! Now you can search the website with this search pane, from anywhere on the net.

In Mozilla Firefox:

Click the down arrow like the one below:

Now click Add Search Providers > Search is installed! Now you can search the website with this search pane, from anywhere on the net.


Not Working? Clear your browser cache and refresh a page, then follow the steps above.

Photos Added For Pigeon Mountain - 2007.09.20

Thanks to Callie Mack for sending me photos of Pigeon in Alberta! They are now online.


Updates - 2007.09.17

Well, work continues. If you haven't noticed, the new Cypress XC BETA (map features are in development) is open to forum members only. So if you haven't signed up for the forum, do it now!

Link V4.1 Full Version - 2007.09.01

Last night we made V4.1 go live! Enjoy the new website!

Public Beta Release! - 2007.06.22

Today, V4 has opened for a public beta test. You can report problems on the forum.

I would ask you do not link to the site until the url changes from to so we can minimize broken links in the future.


Apex Mountain Photos Added - 2007.06.22

Apex Lift Pictures are now Online!

Lower Mount Arrowsmith Photos Added! - 2007.06.22


Many photos added! - 2007.06.22

I have added many photos today. With brand new photos for Hemlock and Grouse

Welcome to V4.1 of! - 2007.05.01

You will notice many major improvements.